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If you have any questions or to book a shoot, please don't hesitate to contact me by email or telephone. Shoots can take place in the studio, on location, in your home, office or anywhere else in the East Midlands. Travel to other locations is possible but the costs will need to be discussed beforehand.

+44 (0) 7878 300 969

Wise Words

My name is Kevan and I'm a Canon user. Sounds like an admission to some sort of self-help group doesn't it? My choice of vendor was purely accidental to start with - I couldn't justify to myself the expense of a DSLR until Canon released the D300. The first DSLR priced under a grand and, co-incidentally, I had an insurance settlement of almost exactly the same amount burning a hole in my bank account!

Fast forward a few years and you'll find the following equipment in my camera bag (a Lowepro by the way):

The shopping list is not as long but still impressively expensive! If there are any benevolent philanthropists out there that would like to invest in a burgeoning photography career, I'm all ears! In order of priority, it is:

I use Multiblitz studio flash heads or Vivitar 283 strobes when portability is important. Although the complete studio rig with backdrops and stands will fit in the boot of my car.

Having been a professional geek for many years, I have more computers than is sensible but most of my post-processing and web coding is done on a Dell laptop or my home-built desktop machine. By the way, this site was coded entirely in Notepad (Free as part of all Microsoft operating systems since windows first appeared) and Notepad++

Other software I regularly use is: